When you need a little more than what free provides

What are Ad Credits?

  • The digital currency of Zibbiz
  • Purchase in packages of 10, 25, 50 or 100
  • Think of arcade tokens
  • Use them as needed for paid and premium features
  • A smart tool to simplify your advertising

Ad Credits Make Advertising Easy!

To advertise with Ad Credits, just choose a Department, select an Ad Style and Advertise
The cost of an Ad is displayed in Ad Credits

When do I need to purchase Ad Credits?

You will need to purchase Ad Credits if you decide to advertise with Premium Ad Styles and other paid features such as Marketplace Stores and Banner Advertising.

What do Ad Credits Cost?

Ad Credit Packages range by the number of credits included in each package.
Ad Credit Package Package Cost
10 Ad Credits $10.00
25 Ad Credits $25.00
50 Ad Credits $50.00
100 Ad Credits $100.00
200 Ad Credits $200.00
2 Ad Credits + (2 Free) $2.00

How can I Purchase Ad Credits?

Pay as you go

One option is to purchase an Ad Credit package as needed. You can either select a package that closely matches the number of ad credits required for the features you intend to use, or choose a package large enough to accommodate several months of advertising. A single Ad Credit Package can be used to advertise multiple ads for an extended period of time.

Monthly Subscription

Another option is to purchase your ad credit package as a monthly subscription. This method allows you to fully automate your advertising and is the recommended method for Marketplace Stores and Banner Advertising Tools. Subscriptions are billed monthly with no contract and can be cancelled at any time.

Ad Credit FAQs

  • Q: Can Ad Credits be used for any department or premium style?
  • A: Yes. Ad Credits are universal and can be used for any type of advertising.
  • Q: Do Ad Credits expire?
  • A: Ad Credits expire 1 year after purchase.
  • Q: When I purchase Ad Credits, will it affect my free advertising?
  • A: No, you can continue to use the free advertising for as long as you want.
  • Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade a subscription?
  • A: Yes, you can easily modify your subscription as your advertising requirements change.
  • Q: If I have a subscription, can I also purchase a "Pay as you go" package?
  • A: Yes, If you need some extra Ad Credits, you can purchase a "Pay as you go" package as needed.
  • Q: Can Ad Credits be returned?
  • A: Unopened Ad Credit Packages can be returned with some restrictions. To view our Purchase and Return Policy Click Here