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Need some help getting your products online?

Use a local Zibbiz Certified Agent

Zibbiz realizes that many people who want to sell and advertise online don’t always have the time to get started. Others would simply prefer to pay someone else to get it done for them. For this reason, Zibbiz created a Certified Agent program where local, trained e-commerce professionals assist individuals and businesses interested in creating and developing an online selling presence.

Zibbiz Certified Agents are highly trained professionals specializing in e-commerce and internet technology. They are dedicated to helping people succeed in the world of online selling.

For Individuals or Businesses

Zibbiz Agents are available to individuals as well as businesses. Even if you are just looking to sell some items from around your house, our agents can easily help get your items online. When it comes to your business, an agent can help you to create and manage an online store with a complete product catalog and shopping cart.


Many of our Agents also specialize in industries such as Real Estate, Automotive, Marine and Entertainment. This means that they truly understand your business and can answer any questions and offer the best possible advice for online marketing.

On Location

Available to work with you at your home or place of business, Zibbiz Certified Agents offer a variety of services at very attractive rates. Use an Agent once just to get you started or schedule them monthly to keep your products and ads updated.

Ready for an Agent?

If you are interested in finding out more about utilizing a the services of a local Zibbiz Agent, contact us today. We can connect you with a local Agent that can discuss your needs and help you get selling fast. Request an Agent here

Zibbiz Certified Agents can help you:

  • Get your products online
  • Write effective ad content
  • Create and manage your online store
  • Take, Edit and Upload Photos
  • Guide you through the advertising process
  • Help determine the best prices for your items
  • Offer advice on shipping items
  • Create banner ads
  • Develop an advertising plan
  • Show you how to increase traffic

What our Agents can't do for you
Take out your trash - Walk your dog - Clean your house - Cut the grass
Sorry, Our Agents provide a lot of services, but they need to draw the line somewhere.

Secure and Safe

All Zibbiz Certified Agents are trained by Zibbiz and verified by our Security Shield Program. Every Agent carries a Zibbiz identification card and their identity can be verified directly in our Marketplace. This verification process is designed to help you can feel comfortable doing business with one of our Agents.

Cost Effective & Efficient

Using a Zibbiz Certified Agent can provide the fast track to getting your products online. They are highly efficient experts and their services are cost effective. This means that you will be online quickly generating sales.

Become an Agent

If you are interested in launching a career as a Zibbiz Agent, contact us today for more information. As a Certified Zibbiz Agent you will help meet the demands of a quickly growing industry and establish a new type of service business. We offer flexible training programs that can help you become a certified e-commerce professional and on the road to a successful and rewarding career. Contact us today to receive additional information about our Agent Certification program.