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Would you like to advertise your business online and target it to a group of potential shoppers?

Our banner ads allow you to do exactly that by letting you create or link your own online banner advertisement. Here you have the flexibility to display your banner in a specific area and category, or select to display it anywhere in our site to appeal to a more general audience.

What is a banner ad?

When you see a small boxed message in a website that displays an advertisement, it is called a banner ad. This is a way for people to advertise their business on different websites and have it link back to their own site. There are different types of banner ads that generally vary by style, size, placement and the frequency in which they are displayed.

What can I use a banner ad for?

Banner Ads are not only for businesses, they can be created to bring additional advertising exposure to any type of product or service. Use a banner to direct people to your Marketplace store, website or to ads that contain items that you have for sale. With Zibbiz Banners, you can direct traffic to anywhere you want.

How our banner ads are different

Banners on our site are different from other sites because we allow you to create, place and manage your own banner ads. Here you can choose the style and location for the banner to appear.  We have banners that range from  a text  style that anyone can create, all the way to large flash animated banners for more experienced advertisers. Typically, banner ads are rotated with other ads and will run for a 30 day period. We do not limit or charge based on the number of impressions and click-throughs.

Type of Banners

There are 3 types of banners available to select from.
Just as the name states, this type of banner only contains text. No special knowledge is required because we provide the tools to easily create the banner. Just include your text; select where you would like the banner to appear; and where a user should be directed when they click on your banner. Available in the Basic banner style.
This type of banner displays a graphic in place of ordinary text. Available in multiple sizes, this banner provides a great deal of flexibility in your advertising. Simply upload a graphic or image to use as your banner; select where you would like it to appear in the Marketplace; and where a user should be directed to when they click on your banner.
These eye catching banners are  used for Enhanced and Premium banner styles and can display movement or animation in the banner.  This type of banner allows you to link to an existing animated banner. Just provide the link to the location of the banner; select where you would like  the banner to appear; and where the user should be directed when they click on the banner.

View All The Banner Styles and Sizes Here

Banner Type Comparison

Feature Text Image Flash
Selectable location of banner by Department and category      
Direct  a user to your website when clicked      
Direct a  user to an ad on this site when clicked      
Multiple size banners available    
Multiple position and large sizes available    
Existing banner required    
Upload your own image or graphic      
Some knowledge required to create or link to existing  banner    

Don't have an Image or Flash Banner?   We can create one for you.

If you would like to take advantage of what a flash or image banner ad can do to advertise your  business but don't have one, we can help. Our Banner Design Services is available to create a high quality banner specifically for your business.